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Home Garden Spaces Available
Garden Spaces Available

Thomasville (Satellite Inn area to Lake County border) (SIT)

Schroeder (S)

Tofte (T)

Lutsen (L)

  • Garden space availability

Caribou Lake (Caribou Lake and up the Trail) (CL)

Spruce Creek / Cascade / Old Hwy 61 (SC)

Grand Marais (GM)

  • Garden space availability

1. Area along rural road close to town, old pasture would need to be tilled and you would have to haul water

2.  Area along county road 7, old pasture you would have to till, haul water

3. We have two 4’ x 8’ raised beds and are willing to build more garden beds in exchange for garden produce and having someone come in and grow vegetables.

4. We have a 10’ x 12’ garden space and also a separate berry space. We are willing to share berries and garden space with someone. There is also more yard space that could be converted into gardens.

5. I have a 10’ x 12’ garden space available and additional yard space for a gardener.

Devil Track (DT)

  • Garden space availability

1. 1 acre near trailer court


Gunflint Trail Mid-Trail area (GTM)

End of Gunflint Trail (GTE)

Colville (C)

Hovland (H)

  • Garden space availability

Grand Portage (GP)

  • Garden space availability


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Contact Diane Booth:

Cook County Community Center
317 West 5th Street
Grand Marais, MN  55604

1:30PM - 4:30PM  M-F