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Home Garden Agreement Example
Gardening Agreement Example

Gardening Agreement Example

Gardening Agreement


the Property Owner and the Gardener



This document states the expectations and understandings between ______________________ as Property Owner and ________________________ as Gardener about the Gardener's use of Property Owner's garden space.  It applies to the ______ (year)  gardening season for the garden located at:  ___________________




Property Owner will:

  • Provide access to water
  • Provide, or not provide (please circle) storage space for tools
  • Allow Gardener to establish a compost pile
  • Contribute, or not contribute, (please circle) kitchen compost to the compost pile
  • Contribute, or not contribute, (please circle) yard waste to the compost pile
  • Communicate to Gardener where to park a car when gardening


Gardener will:

  • Bring, or not bring (please circle) a pet to the garden
  • Bring, or not bring (please circle) a child under age 12 to the garden
  • Use, or not use (please circle) non-organic pesticides or fertilizers
  • Clarify for the Property Owner what kitchen scraps are acceptable in the compost
  • Manage the compost pile to minimize odors
  • Keep the garden weeded a minimum of once a week
  • Share the garden produce with the Property Owner
  • Use the water judiciously, not excessively


Both Property Owner and Gardener may wish use the tools of the "Speak Your Peace: The Civility Project" found at http://www.dsaspeakyourpeace.org/tools.html when interacting with each other.


Property Owner:





  • Do you want contact information on the garden spaces listed?
  • Want to contact a gardener looking for garden space near you?
  • If you are not listed and would like to be....

Contact Diane Booth:

Cook County Community Center
317 West 5th Street
Grand Marais, MN  55604

1:30PM - 4:30PM  M-F