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Home Project Updates CC Family YMCA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes January 30, 2013
CC Family YMCA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes January 30, 2013

A. Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 8:45 a.m. by Chair Paul Sporn. The following members and guests were present: Bill Lenz, Diane Booth, Andra Lilienthal, Jeanne Anderson, Beth Schwarz, Gene Glader, Bruce Martinson, Mike Carlson, Jane Howard, Rod Wannebo, Tim Meyer, Paul Sporn, Wade Cole, Mark Kragenbring, Chris Francis, George Wilkes, Sue Hakes, Cathi Williams, Sue Prom.

B. Review of the Minutes: Two changes were made to the January 25, 2013 minutes for clarification. Under #6, motion was changed from ‘future outdoor amenities’ to ‘softball and tennis court improvements.’ Under 7, the chart where comments are listed under ‘Pool Aquatics’ – the comment is changed from ‘delete benches’ to ‘delete 1 bench’.
A motion was made by Jeanne A. to approve the minutes of January 25, 2013 with those changes. The motion was seconded by Bill. All ayes.
C. County Board Discussion from Tuesday, January 29:


Sue Hakes asked the rest of the County Board what their philosophy was regarding the Community Center and handling of the cuts we have to make to the budget.The consensus seemed to be that we have a budget but we must err on the side of sustainability and long-term value.Everyone felt the building must perform well.The County Board did not discuss reducing golf course funds and giving some of those funds back to this project.

D. Continuation of Changes that Need to be Made to the Building to Reduce Costs:
Targeted Amount
Actual Amount
Comments /Questions
Precast Concrete
What is the R Value ? We know it doesn’t change between the 12” and 14” panels.
Glazing & window systems
JLG will redraw the elevations. We will need artificial light in the pool area – can’t rely on daylight.
Not firm
Rely heavily on engineers to make sure
Contractors will propose an alternate plan that has to be approved by engineers.
Go from hot water to gas fired roof system.
We will have actual numbers to compare. Will probably lose 5 – 10% of the efficiency.
We will reduce the load on existing boilers.
Commissioning should be done by both in-house and exterior. The value of commissioning is best if it is started during the design phase. We didn’t do that because of the cost.
Commissioning cost estimate? Can
ORB take care of that cost in light of what has happened?
Answer: Not going to happen according to Wade.
What about noise in the different system? Shouldn’t be a problem.
A motion was made by Beth S. to have ORB pay for part of the commissioning if we do this. The motion was seconded by Cathi W. All ayes. No opposition from the committee.
Savings of $10,000 for one and $80,000 for another package. We are checking to see if $80,000 is energy efficient.
Aluminum feeds are cheaper but don’t conduct as well as copper. Size of wire may change based upon material used.
These choices are subject to approval by engineers / steering committee.
Diane will check on type, number of lights left over from the library project to see if we can use.
Curb & gutter can go. The ADA ramp could be paid for with rain garden grant or later can get grant money for this.
Exterior Improvements
Maybe higher
Delete paving at ball field
Alternate spec mix by contractor
No softball fence
No retaining wall for softball fence
Gravel parking only north side
Eliminate tennis fence /surfacing
No fencing on retaining wall softball
Athletic Equipment
Eliminate dugouts & tennis nets
Eliminate soccer field
Eliminate work / utilities for ball field
This does not include the lift station for draining groundwater at the pool.
Pool Aquatics
Delete just one bench, not both.
Reduce to 9’ depth
Looking at filter system yet, someone from the YMCA should be part of that discussion.
Rock removal for pool is done.
Credit back as soon as we know # cu yds. not removed.
Reduce scope on NE lockers
Would like to keep renovations into 2 lockers as opens up more floor space for fitness area, etc. ($20,000)
Will go down some.
Confirmed number if we go with ballasted roof. Recommendation to adhere the edges down. Wind loading could be difficult – may change #.
Will bring tile samples so we can see to make choices. No epoxy on pool deck – Dan is checking on that to make sure. Dancer’s floor – Mark will look at to see.
Comment from engineer about would not go with half of the recommendations.
Upper wall along west end of gym – keep open
No. Committee did not like.
Change building foot print by 3,400 -3,500.
Reduce lobby space, reduce pool deck area. JLG needs to get stuff to contractors to get a firm number. Painter is about $50,000 low.
Waiting for info from YMCA to review. $70,000 needed for I.T.
Demolition grant
Lock box for outdoor amenities
Building plan review costs
MN Dept. of Health, Plumbing, Plan Review. Trying to get credit of $14,000 already paid by County Commissioners.
We have already had to send in the $26,000 to get the plan reviewed to keep on time.
Design costs
Dan Miller looking at this.
Value of items identified
Amount we need
Building deficit
E. Discussion on the Floor Plan Changes
Weight room is actually larger than the Social Room at the current Community Center.
Is there enough room for starting blocks for diving on the southern edge of the pool? Do we need more deck space for this?
We will pick up more storage space underneath the fitness center.
The fitness center will be bigger and up higher.
Thanks to tennis for concessions.
We are going to need additional parking.
Can we shift the game room over and make more space for that? Seems too small.
Issue of the bathroom for people not being members. Has been changed to unisex for now with one instead of two.
Lack of lobby space reiterated by several people.
We should do the building right and forget about the outside amenities.
I am worried about settling on a building design just because we have to make cuts.
We should go to the county board and ask for money from the golf course.
I like the fact we will have windows in the weight room.
A motion was made by Beth S. to keep $500,000 in the lock box to be used for softball and tennis or as a match for grants. Motion was seconded by Bill L. Yes – 7 votes. No – 4 votes.
Can the school find any funding for the tennis courts? No.
The YMCA Steering Committee recommends to the Cook County Board of Commissioners that they find another $500,000 for this project. Motion was made by Beth S. & seconded by George W.
Yes – 9 votes, No -2 votes
The YMCA branch position is open now w/applicants coming from all over. It will be posted for another 2 weeks. 1st round of interviews will be in Duluth with the 2nd round of interviews held in Grand Marais.
The YMCA’s position is that they can get by without air conditioning in the pool.
Next Steps:
JLG to produce drawings reflecting the revised footprint.
JLB to verify finishes that reflect the desires of the owners.
Revised documents from JLG on or before 2/5/13 to provide recommendations to both the County Commissioners and the Steering Committee.
ORB will recommend the findings from the 2/11/13 meeting to the county commissioners on 2/12/13.
Steering Committee ask for additional funding from County Board for project.
The next meeting will be held on Monday, February 11 at 8:30 a.m. at the CC Community Center to continue this discussion.