Substance Use Recovery Court

What is Recovery Court?

Recovery courts provide intervention for substance-abusing criminal offenders by requiring increased accountability, empowering people to change their lives, and restoring participants to law-abiding productivity. Recovery court is designed for offenders who typically would fail out of a more traditional probation and wind up in prison, then get released months later back into the community often with increased criminality and having had no chance at rehabilitation.

SURC handles cases involving non-violent drug and alcohol dependent offenders through intensive judicial supervision, case management, treatment, frequent random chemical testing, and graduated sanctions and incentives. The underlying premise is that substance abuse is not simply a law enforcement or criminal justice problem, but a public health problem with roots deep in society.

The Cook County Substance Use Recovery Team includes a number of interveners (court, prosecutors, public defenders, probation officers, law enforcement, chemical dependency treatment professionals, and community-based organizations).

What are the key benefits of Recovery Court?

A key benefit to this program is reducing costs to society due to reduced usage of incarceration.

Further positive impacts are lower costs in social services, law enforcement, and court services related to lower recidivism and the strengthening of participants’ life skills. By ensuring participants are accountable for their decisions there is potential to improve the quality of their life and their families. Some of the expected benefits include:

  • Higher rates of employment
  • Educational goals met such as earning their diploma or GED
  • Attaining home ownership versus renting
  • Obtaining a valid license
  • Consistent Child Support payments

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