Civil Process

Civil Process Division

The Civil Process Division of the Sheriff’s Office offers several unique services to the community. The primary responsibility of this division is to ensure all processes of service are done in a timely and respectful manner.
The term “process” refers to all legal papers the Sheriff must serve.

The Most Common Civil Processes

Eviction Action
An eviction action is required in order to evict a tenant from rental property. Minnesota Statutes 504B regulate this law.

Harassment Restraining Orders
Harassment Restraining Orders differ from Orders for Protection. Harassment Restraining Orders involve parties who are not related or do not live in the same household. Orders for Protection involve family members or members of a significant relationship. Harassment can involve a single incident of physical or sexual abuse.

Mortgage Foreclosures
Mortgage Foreclosures are actions taken to foreclose on real estate. Mortgage Foreclosures are covered by Minnesota Statutes Chapters 580-582.

Orders for Protection
Anyone who has been a victim of domestic violence may obtain an Order for Protection from the Cook County Court Administration. An adult has the ability to file a Petition for an Order for Protection on behalf of any minor victim or any vulnerable adult.

Writ of Executions
Writs of Execution are Orders from the Court which allow the Sheriff’s Office to collect on a judgment. They must be directed to the Sheriff of the county in which the assets of the debtor are located. The two most common levies are bank levies and wage levies.

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