Road and Bridge Restrictions

Current Road Restrictions

Seasonal Weight Limits

Load limits on all County and Township roads are restricted during the spring season per Minnesota Statute §169.87. This Statute states that paved roads are restricted to ten (10) tons per axle and gravel roads to five (5) tons per axle unless posted otherwise. Cook County roads are posted accordingly.

The Commissioner of Transportation at the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) sets the beginning date for spring road restrictions by frost zones, with Cook County falling in the North Frost Zone. Per Statute, road restrictions remain in effect for a minimum of eight (8) weeks or until the local road authority determines that the road base is no longer at risk due to thawing action.

In Cook County, it is not uncommon for seasonal weight limits to extend beyond the MnDOT dates. Please check this site regularly during the spring and early summer for a list of current restrictions.

Cook County Seasonal Weight Restrictions Notice

MnDOT Weight Restrictions Information

Bridge Restrictions
The Cook County Highway Department regularly performs safety inspections of the county’s 59 bridges, with structural analysis occurring as warranted. As a result of these inspections, eight (8) bridges have been posted with structural weight limits.

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