June 23, 2017 – Cook County Search & Rescue and Colvill Fire Department successfully rescued an injured hiker at the Kadunce River this afternoon. The 54-year-old male was visiting the area with approximately 20 other family members when he attempted to jump between waterfalls after getting stuck and is believed to have broken his leg.

June 21, 2017 – Following are highlights and key priorities covered at the Tuesday, June 20, Board of Commissioners Meeting:

Property Annexation to Lutsen Township
Pursuant to Statute 379 and in response to the petition by Deeryard property owners requesting annexation into Lutsen Township, and the corresponding Lutsen Township Resolution 2017-04, the Cook County Board of Commissioners held the required public hearing at 10 am on June 20. The only party to speak at the hearing was Dave Morris, property owner, who spoke in favor of the annexation. Auditor Braidy Powers indicated that he had received no communication against the proposed annexation. After the public hearing was closed and the Board Meeting was opened, Commissioners voted in support of Lutsen Township resolution 2017-04 and further directed Auditor Braidy Powers to communicate the boundary changes and population estimates to the State Demographer’s Office.

Following are highlights and key priorities covered at the Tuesday, June 23, Board Meeting:

District 1 Commissioner

New District 1 Commissioner Robert “Bobby” Deschampe was sworn in to his new position by Deputy Court Administrator Kim Shepard.

Strategic Planning

The Board received an update on results of staff engagement sessions held around Strategic Planning from facilitators Valerie Marasco, Chair – Communications Committee and Director Emergency Management & Public Information and Rena Rogers – Director MIS. The Directors presented a proposed new Mission, Vision and Values and strategic pillars as framework to shape a five-year Strategic Plan for Cook County, for the Board’s consideration. This planning process is being conducted by the County Communications Committee and will help guide decision making for budget, operational and staff decisions.The framework and proposed Mission,Vision & Values will be discussed with the full Board at the next Committee of the Whole before a decision is made.

June 13, 2017 – Cook County 911 Dispatch received a call Monday, June 12, regarding a cyclist who collapsed during his ascent up Mount Josephine in Grand Portage.  Robert Hemsworth, a 61-year-old resident of Thunder Bay, was riding from Thunder Bay to Grand Marais.

A relative was following Hemsworth in a vehicle and with the assistance of Cook County Dispatch, initiated CPR at the scene before paramedics took over. Resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful and Hemsworth was pronounced dead Monday afternoon at the Cook County North Shore Hospital.

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