Boards and Commissions

Current Board and Commission Vacancies
Dozens of volunteers are already serving on a Cook County boards, commissions, committees or task forces. These volunteers are advising the County Departments and the Cook County Board of Commissioners on policies and programs affecting the residents of Cook County.

Airport Advisory Commission

The Cook County Airport Commission has been established to advise the County Board and educate the community on the development and use of aeronautics.

Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment has the exclusive authority to review variance requests of the Zoning Ordinance adopted by Cook County, hold public hearings and make final decisions granting or denying the requested variances from the Zoning Ordinance, and appeals from decisions or determinations of the department.

Board of Equalization

The purpose of the County Board of Appeal and Equalization is to ensure equalization among individual assessments, between classes and from jurisdiction to jurisdiction by providing a fair and objective forum for property owners to appeal their valuation or classification.


Communications/ARMER/Towers/E9-1-1 Committee

Representatives from groups that use ARMER radio communications and the County’s paging system meet to discuss related policy and procedure issues and collectively make recommendations to the County Board or State of Minnesota Emergency Operations entities.

Community Center Board of Trustees

The Cook County Community Center Board of Trustees is a community advisory group that makes recommendations to the County Commissioners about the facilities, policies and programs taking place on and within the 19 acres owned by Cook County.

Cook County Invasives Team

The purpose of the CCIT is to encourage and formalize the cooperative relationship necessary for effective management, coordination and implementation of invasive terrestrial, aquatic and plant species programs among interested parties.

Cook County Soil and Water Conservation District

The mission of Cook County Soil & Water (SWCD) is to improve water quality in Cook County by fostering responsible land use and by controlling soil erosion and non-point source pollution. The Board will encourage local conservation efforts by providing educational, technical, and financial assistance for local land users

Extension Committee

The U of M Cook County Extension Committee is set by state statute as to committee membership, meetings, work that is done in the county. A county must have an extension committee consisting of 9 members, 2 must be county commissioners appointed by the county board. The county auditor or county auditor’s designee must also be appointed. Six members will be at-large and appointed for up to two 3-year terms before leaving the board for at least one year.

Human Services Board

The Board sets policy; appropriates funds and approves expenditures, monitosr agency progress toward outcomes; assures adequate staffing for program delivery and advocates for changes to meet the needs of the local community.

Local Water Management Plan Advisory Committee

The Water Advisory Committee (WAC) provides guidance to the Water Plan Coordinator for the implementation of the Cook County Water Management Plan. The WAC may advise on environmental, economic, and other social impacts of regulations, policies, and control techniques/technologies affecting water resources management.

Parks and Trails Commission
The Parks and Trails Commission was established to advise and provide recommendations to the Cook County Board of Commissioners on all matters relating to the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of parks, trails, recreational programs and facilities on public lands within Cook County in cooperation with other local, state and federal public entities for the benefit and enjoyment of the residents and visitors of Cook County.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission has the authority to review and recommend Count Board matters concerning Zoning, Re-Zoning, Conditional Use Permits, Preliminary and Final Plats, Ordinance changes/modification, and Comprehensive Planning, including land use recommendations.

Public Health and Human Services Advisory Committee

Cook County Public Health and Human Services Advisory Committee seeks input about the Public Health and Human Services delivery system. The Committee makes program and service recommendations to the Human Services Board and to the Public Health and Human Services Department.

Revolving Loan Fund Committee

The purpose of the Cook County Revolving Loan Fund is to promote economic development within Cook County by providing loans to businesses located or to be located within Cook County and to promote affordable housing for employees of those businesses as necessary for continued economic development within the County.  

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