Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do I live on a County road?
The Highway Department maintains County State Aid Highway (CSAH) and County Roads (CR). Most likely, if your road is named anything other than “CSAH __” or "County Road __," you probably reside on a MnDOT, DNR, Forest Service, township or private road, each of which is maintained by its owner(s).

What is the right-of-way width on my road?
Call the Highway Department at 218.387.3014 for general right-of-way widths on CSAH and County Roads. For specific property information, contact the Cook County Recorder’s Office at 218.387.3660.

How do I get a 9-1-1 street address?
Submit an online Address Application and corresponding permit fee.

How do I obtain a County highway map?
You may purchase one at the Highway Department located at 609 E 4th Ave; at the Auditor’s Office located at the Cook County Courthouse, 411 W 2nd St; or at a number of local retailers. Maps may also be ordered online.

Where can I find information on spring road restrictions?
Information regarding seasonal weight restrictions on Cook County roads can be found on the Highway Department’s Road and Bridge Restrictions page. Statewide information can be found on MnDOT's website.

Permit Questions

How do I go about installing a new driveway and culvert? You will need to submit an Entrance Permit and the associated fee to the Cook County Highway Department if the property abuts a CSAH or County Road.

Once the Highway Department receives the permit, the Maintenance Supervisor will visit the proposed entrance site to review placement and determine if a culvert is needed in the road right-of-way. You will be notified when this review is complete.

If a culvert is deemed necessary, you may purchase it from the Highway Department. The property owner is responsible for purchasing and installing the culvert. Once the pipe is installed, maintaining it becomes the responsibility of the Highway Department.

How do I obtain a transportation permit?
To apply for a County moving permit, contact our office (218.387.3014) for details on permit application/fees.

State permit information can be found at the MnDOT website

I want to do some work in a County ditch. How do I get permission?
Submit the Utility Permit and associated fee to the Cook County Highway Department. Once the Highway Department receives the permit, Engineering and Maintenance staff will review the permit and determine what conditions apply to the proposed site. You will be notified when this review is complete and when/how work may proceed.

Construction Questions

How long will our road be closed due to the construction project?
Please check project status on the department’s Projects page.

Why does one road get selected for a major construction project while another doesn’t?

CSAH Roads (roads 1-23 in Cook County) are eligible for State-aid gas tax construction and maintenance monies. Construction projects for these roads are programmed via the 5 Year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP), which is prepared by the Highway Engineer and approved by the Cook County Board of Commissioners.

County Roads (roads 24-103 in Cook County) are supported via the County levy. The Cook County Board of Commissioners approves an annual Maintenance Project budget. Funding for this line item, like so many others in County government, is limited due to decreased outside funding across all departments. Hyperlink to 5 Yr Transportation plan

Mailbox Questions

My mailbox was hit by a County snowplow. What do I do?
Call the Cook County Highway Department at 218.387.3014. The Highway Department will install a temporary mailbox, if needed, until a permanent replacement can be made in the spring.

Maintenance Questions

Who maintains Highway 61?
Highway 61 is a State Trunk Highway that the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) maintains. Contact the local MnDOT shop at 218.387.3088 for more information or assistance.

How does the County’s dust control program work?
The Highway Department utilizes annual calcium chloride applications for purposes of road surface stabilization and dust control. The Cook County Board of Commissioners sets the Highway Department’s dust control budget each year. Within those confines, the Highway Department applies calcium chloride to the sections of graveled County roadways that have newly placed gravel, need road surface stabilization (i.e., hills), or are located in front of a number of residences.

Feel free to call the Highway Department at 218.387.3014 to inquire if your road is scheduled for a dust control application.

There is a large pothole on our County road. Will you patch it?
You may utilize the Report a Problem link or call the Highway Department at 218.387.3014. Please give the exact location of the pothole so staff may inspect and remedy the situation.

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