Revolving Loan Fund Committee

About the Committee

The purpose of the Cook County Revolving Loan Fund is to promote economic development within Cook County by providing loans to businesses located or to be located within Cook County and to promote affordable housing for employees of those businesses as necessary for continued economic development within the County. 

Loans made or provided by the County are intended to create and maintain permanent private sector jobs, expand the tax base and increase economic productivity; and/or create the inducement necessary to allow a project to proceed, and/or for employee housing if businesses cannot retain or attract employees because of a lack of affordable housing.  

 Loans made or provided by the County are intended to complement, not compete with private lending institutions.   

 The Revolving Loan Fund Committee reviews requests and makes recommendations to the County Board. 

Regular Meetings 

  • As Needed 

Committee Members 

Braidy Powers (Auditor-Treasurer) 
Garry Gamble (County Board) 
Hal Greenwood 
John Lindell 
Karen Blackburn 
Gene Erickson 
Bruce Kerfoot 
Pat Campanaro 
Scott Harrison 
Molly Hicken, County Attorney (Advisory) 



Auditor's Office

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