Parks and Trails Commission

About the Commission

Established to advise and provide recommendations to the Cook County Board of Commissioners on all matters relating to the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of parks, trails, recreational programs and facilities on public lands within Cook County in cooperation with other local, state and federal public entities for the benefit and enjoyment of the residents and visitors of Cook County.
  • Membership and Appointments
The Commission is composed of:
  • Eight regular voting members appointed by the Cook County Board of Commissioners include:
    • One representative per Board of Commissioner District 
    • Representative for City of Grand Marais
    • Representative for Grand Portage
    • Member At-Large
  • Standing member of the Board of Commissioner and an alternate
    • Non-voting Ex-Officio member

  • Other Ex-Officio members
    • Land Commissioner/Parks & Trails Director
    • Representative for Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
    • Representative for United States Forest Service 
Commission Members

 Commission Members 


Linda Newman 

  District 1 

Jody Nonnemacher   

  District 2

Tim Kennedy 

  District 3 

David Demmer  

  District 4

Paul Nordlund  

  District 5

David Mills

  City of Grand Marais

April McCormick

   Grand Portage

John McClure   

   At Large

Mickey Brazell

  At Large

   Ex-Officio Members:


Ginny Storlie   


Heidi Doo-Kirk


Lisa Kerr   

   Parks and Trails Director 

Kevin Johnson 




Tim Nelson

  Land Services Director

Jon Benson




Appointments for regular voting members made during the Board of Commissioners first organizational meeting of the year, and except for potential vacancy situations, shall be effective for two calendar years with initial appointments made such that the terms will revolve on a staggered basis.

  • Commission shall hold six regular meetings per calendar year, with special meetings if needed.
    • Meeting dates, times and places are determined at the beginning of each year. 
  • Schedules and Agendas will be posted in the Land Services Department Office, public locations required by law, and available on the Cook County Website.
  • All meetings shall be open to the public.

    See Also: Cook County Parks and Trails Division 


Lisa Kerr
Land Commissioner/Parks and Trails Director

Cook County Courthouse
411 W. 2nd Street Grand Marais, MN 55604

Phone: 218.387.3654
Fax: 218.387.3042

Monday – Friday
8am – 4pm

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