Soil and Water Board of Supervisors

About the Board

The mission of Cook County Soil & Water (SWCD) is to improve water quality in Cook County by fostering responsible land use and by controlling soil erosion and non-point source pollution. The Board will encourage local conservation efforts by providing educational, technical, and financial assistance for local land users

Regular Meetings 

- 1st Thursday of each Month 
- 1-4pm 
- Cook County Courthouse
- Commissioner’s Room
  411 W. 2nd Street
  Grand Marais, MN 55604 

Supervisors are elected at-large, meaning that every eligible voter in the County may vote for all open supervisor positions. An individual must live in a nominating district with an open supervisor position in order to run. Supervisors do not participate in primary elections. 

 Don Goodell 


 District 1, TofteArea 

 Jim Hall 


 District 2, LutsenArea 

 Joan Farnam 


 District 3, Grand Marais Area 

 David Berglund 


 District 4, Maple Hill Area 

 Jerry Hiniker 

 Public Relations 

 District 5, HovlandArea 

See also: 
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Cook County SWCD
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