Cook County Invasives Team

About the Team

The purpose of the CCIT is to encourage and formalize the cooperative relationship necessary for effective management, coordination and implementation of invasive terrestrial, aquatic and plant species programs among interested parties. 

CCIT will work to enhance the success of an invasive management program in the region by encouraging sharing of resources, information, expertise and effort on a willing and cooperative basis on both public and private lands and waters. Organizations such as the CCIT can also apply for funding for invasive species management, providing an increase in effort over what each agency could do alone.  

Regular Meetings 

  • Quarterly meetings as scheduled 




County Agriculture Inspector 


  County Board 

  Heidi Doo-Kirk  

  County Board Alternate 

  Diane Booth 

  Cook County Extension 

  Amy Seitz 

  Grand Portage Band 

  Brandon Seitz 

  National Park Service 

  Jack Greenlee 


  Anna Heruth 


  Mike Hedlund 


  Ilena Hansel

  Cook County Soil and Water 

  Molly Thompson 

  Sugarloaf Stewardship 

  Nancy Seaton 

  Gunflint Trail Scenic Byways Committee 

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