Communication/ARMER/Tower/E9-1-1 Committee

About the Commission

Representatives from groups that use ARMER radio communications and the County’s paging system meet to discuss related policy and procedure issues and collectively make recommendations to the County Board or State of Minnesota Emergency Operations entities. 

Regular Meetings 

  • Quarterly  as scheduled 




  Rowan Watkins, Chair 


  Pat Eliasen 

  Sheriff's Office

  Jim Morrison 

  CC Fire Chiefs 

  Dave Betts 

  Highway Department 

   John Twiest 

  Arrowhead Electric 

  Steve DuChien 

  Cook County Ambulance/Hospital 

  Mike Keyport 

  Grand Portage 

  Tom Nelson 

  ISD 166 

  Kim Dunsmoor 

  Grand Marais PUC 


Melissa Rexrode
Sheriff's Office
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