Assessor's Notes

Assessor's Notes

We have many changes in our office this year with the departure of Betty Schultz as the county assessor and Todd Smith named as the new assessor. We have also added Bob Thompson as a staff assessor and Rachel Espe is currently in training as a new assessor along with her duties as clerical technician in the assessor’s office.

This year we are working in the Pike Lake area and up the Gunflint Trail as well as the Greenwood Country for our assessment update and are looking forward to meeting the residents in this part of Cook County. This is our 5th year of the 5 year plan to visit all of the properties within Cook County in an effort to meet the Department of Revenues requirements on the re-assessment of the entire county. We plan on completing this work by October and will include any new construction permits in our trips up the trail.

Bob Thompson and I will be the primary assessors working in this area with the help of Rachel Espe at the resorts.

This work is for the January 2, 2018 assessment for taxes payable in 2019.

Thank You

Todd W. Smith

Cook County Assessor



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